There’s No Time Like the Present!

Has your dentist ever recommended something that sounded unpleasant, like a filling, or a crown, or a deep cleaning, or a root canal?  These things are not fun to have done.  All our instincts tell us to put it off as long as possible.  

The truth is that the longer we delay recommended dental treatment, the worse the problem becomes.  We often want to wait for pain, or some other indication that a negative change is happening, before taking action.  But just like heart disease, many dental diseases are painless until some sort of catastrophic event happens.  Like a heart attack, the catastrophic dental events are usually significantly more painful and costly to fix than treating the smaller condition that preceded the event would have been.  

For example, a filling is usually recommended to fix a cavity, which is the process where bacteria rots away tooth structure.  Until a cavity is fixed, bacteria are in the tooth producing acids which destroys more and more tooth structure over time, eventually getting into the nerve chamber, which is deep within the center of the tooth.  Once bacteria gets into the nerve chamber, the tooth could no longer be fixed with a just a filling -- to save the tooth, it would require a root canal, buildup and crown, which is a much more expensive, invasive, and time consuming proposition.  

The bottom line is that there is no easier time to fix a dental condition then soon after it is identified.  Most dental problems are progressive in nature, which means they get worse over time.  Waiting too long to tend to an unhealthy condition usually results in an escalation of that condition, and a more expensive and time consuming path to fix it.  

So we encourage you to fix your dental problems now before they become bigger.  And with the end of the year approaching, we recommend that if you have unused insurance benefits, you use them before you lose them!

Randy Thivierge