Why Aren’t We Answering?!?

MidCoast Family Dentistry holds education and training for the team once a month, this month is January 22nd from 7:30-10:00AM.  In an effort to stay in touch with patients’ needs, current on changes to insurance policies, up to date on trends in the dental field, remain active in proposed legislation in Augusta affecting the dental community in Maine and so many other things!


At MidCoast Family Dentistry, we are proactive in planning for patients’ appointments.  Hygienists and Assistants meet with Dr. Randy on an every other week basis and review recommended treatment for upcoming appointments so we can present the best options available for you.  The Treatment Coordinators research options to assist patients overcome obstacles; whether the obstacles are financial, insurance, comfort, relaxation techniques, etc.  For example, Dr. Randy offers mild sedatives for our nervous patients, we offer blankets and pillows for comfort, we also have video glasses available which are a great distraction as well as entertainment during your appointment.  These educational meetings benefit our patients, even though it takes time away during the day!


We are certainly not closed during this time, even though we will not be answering the phone.  If you need us, call and leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as our meeting is over at 10:00!


We welcome your feedback and we always strive to provide superior care!


Always feel free to drop by our office for a complimentary tour. You may reach us by phone at 236-3100. We look forward to visiting with you soon.

Randy Thivierge