Are you going to use it or lose it?

How often do we hear, “use it or lose it” in our lives? Vacation time, use it or lose it. Your brain, bones and muscles, use it or lose it. Many Health Savings Accounts, use it or lose it. Well, dental insurance money is no different.

Most insurance plans refresh on January 1st of each year. An average plan provides $1500 in coverage per year. If you have not tapped into that, you are throwing away $1500. Would you do that if your car needed help and you knew the insurance company would pay to replace your tires or battery? Would you get your car or house cleaned twice a year if it didn’t cost anything out of pocket? I am guessing you would work pretty hard to make sure your car and house got that attention! If you needed a new front door on the house and knew that the insurance company would pay $1000, would you have it fixed?

Unfortunately, the insurance benefits not used in 2013 will not roll over into 2014 and you will have to say good bye to the benefits you walked away from, and have already paid for. Yep, you paid for it! You and/or your employer paid a premium to carry the insurance. So let’s say your premium is $25 a week between you and your employer. Not too much, less than health insurance after all. Well, that is $1300 a year that you are spending and not taking advantage of!

So we already figured out that it is up to you whether you use what is yours or not. Let’s talk about your health. Fun topic right? Not if you are the kind of person who ignores the signs and has a “wait and see” approach when a tooth gives a zing or starts to get sensitive. Teeth don’t heal themselves, no secret there. Yes, symptoms can sometimes go away or at least get a little less bothersome. Most times the symptoms are just waiting for a late night return, possibly while you are on vacation or maybe during a long weekend. Certainly not when it is convenient for you! Why not get the problem addressed while you have insurance money and before it becomes a major repair?

We hope we can help you utilize your benefits before the end of the year! Our friendly Treatment Coordinators are more than happy to help you understand your specific and very individualized insurance plan.

We look forward to seeing you at your next scheduled appointment! Your commitment to keeping your appointments is greatly appreciated!

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Randy Thivierge