Do you suffer from migraines?

What is a true migraine?


A true migraine is defined by having the right combination of the following symptoms.

Does it interfere with your life?

Does it happen frequently?

Do you have light sensitivity?

Do you have problems with noise/sounds?

Do you have nausea?

Two out of the last three symptoms, along with pain that interferes with your life, is a migraine.


Because migraines are so complex with many contributing factors, medicine has traditionally looked to treat the symptoms with a quick approach. In general, these medicines are only able to treat the symptoms. What we offer is a treatment approach that addresses some of the underlying contributing factors that influence migraines and head/neck pain.


The NTI device, or Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System, is a small specialized mouthpiece worn at night. By wearing this appliance on the front teeth, we can decrease the amount of force placed on the teeth by 70 percent. When you cut down the amount of pressure on the system, you are less likely to reach the adaptive capacity, therefore lessening the chance of the pain response.


We have had great success with the NTI device in treating migraine symptoms and head, neck and facial pain. We encourage you to call us for a consultation if you have any of these symptoms, as we may be able to help.


You may also visit our website, or our Facebook page for more information. We look forward to helping you live pain free.