90% paperless goal

You are probably expecting another “Let’s go green and save the planet!” article about how we need to save the trees.  Sorry to disappoint, but the team at Midcoast Family Dentistry has many reasons to strive towards a 90% paperless environment.  Despite how you feel about recycling (paper, plastic, glass, etc.) or your stance on renewable fuels, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on – the fewer resources we consume, the better.  Obviously it is better for the environment, but we jump to that so quickly.  What we don’t often think about is the time and expense that it saves.


So we all agree that it is better for the planet to use less paper.  It is better for our patients too.  When you call us with a question, we are able to access any information pertaining to your care with a click of a button rather than a “I will have to call you back after I have a chance to pull your file and look through your records” response.


Fees are reduced by:

  • ·        More efficient staff, less time spent in wages searching through and maintaining paper records
  • ·        Less paper and ink supplies required for maintaining paper records
  • ·        More communication via social media, email, etc. reducing postal fees
  • .        Reduction in storage needs (boxes, files, storage facility, etc.)     


A number of technologies have emerged that allow us to change our business culture and trends. Social media tools like blogs, email, texting and Facebook are drawing people into reading information online, interacting, and sharing experiences. Popular among the all the generations and certainly the modus operandi for the younger generations, these tools are also being used by Midcoast Family Dentistry to distribute informative articles regarding new dental research and products, fun things happening at the office, sharing promotions and many other events.


So, while you will continue to see some paper at Midcoast Family Dentistry, you can look forward to seeing less paper as we move forward with electronic signatures, social media communication and any means we can utilize to reduce our expenses and help our environment!